The full Scientific Program will be available following closure of abstract submissions. See below, and on the registration page, for descriptions of scientific themes of submission.

Information regarding pre- and post-meeting field trips and the conference social program are available on the registration pages

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Any further changes will be made at the conference.  Last Updated: 28 November  2017

Conference Themes

All themes will have sub-sessions as indicated by the suggested topics for submission. Submitted abstracts will be organized into sessions within each theme based on submissions. We anticipate most submissions to the thematic groups however if your abstract does not fit into one of the thematic sessions, please submit to the General Session. Themes may evolve or be subdivided subject to submissions received.

Dynamic Margins
The Dynamic Margins theme explores our ever changing plate boundaries. This broad theme will integrate geophysics, petrology, geochemistry, geomorphology, tectonics, structure, and marine geology. We anticipate sessions within this theme to include subduction and convergent margins, the Kaikoura earthquake, the Alpine Fault, sediment cascades, and marine geology.

Dynamic Fluids
The Dynamic Fluids theme is based around hydrothermal systems and the generation and evolution of magmatic systems in New Zealand and around the world. We seek submissions examining hydrothermal fluid flow and alteration, geothermal systems, epithermal mineralization, magma generation, magma ascent, and evolution of magmatic systems and volcanic degassing.

Dynamic Surface Processes
The Dynamic Surface Processes theme focuses on the evolution of the Earth’s surface. This includes both natural and anthropogenic processes. This wide ranging theme encompasses urban geology, geomorphology, engineering geology, and volcanoes and volcanic hazards.

The Dynamic Earth and Society
The Dynamic Earth and Society theme focuses on how our dynamic earth interacts with society and vice versa. We anticipate this theme including submissions on Hazards, Science Communication and Education, and how historic studies shape Earth Sciences today.

Dynamic Region
The Dynamic Region theme focuses on geoscience research unique to New Zealand, Antarctica, and the Southern Ocean. We seek diverse submissions around palaeontology, stratigraphy/sedimentology, the evolution of New Zealand and it’s biota, tectonics, paleoclimate and environmental change, and oceanography and marine geology. This theme will also include a special symposium celebrating the career work of Bruce Hayward on New Zealand’s palaeontology and applied palaeontology.

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